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This page is to provide some background into the life of Natalie Gray and her extraordinary experience in 2012, best described as a Near Death Experience,  which continues to inspire a large portion of this podcast. Prior to this event, on February 23rd 2012, Natalie had no interest in nor background in science. Her entire life has been spent happily entrenched in arts and entertainment, from theatre in England to being a fixture in Canadian television and then moving to Los Angeles where she became an internationally touring stand-up comedienne.

Natalie is also a self taught painter whose work has sold around the world. One of her most incredible accomplishments was painting a reproduction of the Sistine Chapel Ceiling in Los Angeles in 2001.

Sistine Chapel Reproduction by Natalie Gray | Near Death Experience on The Gray Escape podcast  

On February 23rd 2012 everything would change!

On Feb 23rd 2012 Natalie had an extraordinary experience, best described as a Near Death Experience, during which her blood pressure crashed and she began speaking scientific information. There were two people who witnessed the event. In Natalie's words...

I had almost fainted and was assisted to a couch where I could lie down. I was ice cold, my teeth chattering even though it was warm outside, so they placed a very heavy blanket over me. I remained conscious, half sat up on the couch - and then my body disappeared! I felt no fear, but my body was gone and in front of me was an infinite grid of energy balls, flawlessly aligned like a great lattice. Although the grid was in front of me, I could look back over my shoulder and see the other people in the room, as though the two worlds were layered, like an old VHS cassette, but each was very clear. And then I began to speak - 'Everything is an illusion. It is all our perception of an infinite range of frequencies and vibrations.'

And so began an enormous stream of information, all of which has been confirmed to be true. Even the statement you have just read. According to modern science and quantum physics, there is no solid matter. Everything in our world, including our physical bodies, is made up of energy. What were thought to be 'solid' atoms have now been discovered to be comprised of small packets of energy that come into and out of existence. What we see on the light spectrum represents a minuscule fraction of what is actually there. It is the same for our hearing.

Natalie spoke of many things during her experience, from the nature of time and reality to the primitive nature of our physical bodies. Although frightened she would not remember, she recalled everything and now has a 20,000 word document detailing not only the experience, but also the events that were to follow, which were almost as extraordinary as the experience itself!

Since this experience in 2012 (which Natalie simply refers to as 'my experience') she has had an insatiable thirst for research in matters ranging from sound healing and vibrational medicine, to quantum physics and the nature of reality. Hence, although this podcast features Hollywood celebrities and notables from the world of comedy and entertainment, it is also attracting some of the greatest minds on the planet including renowned authors and scientists, and even people who, like Natalie, have had their own lives dramatically changed by an extraordinary experience - one that is literally out of this world!

You can listen to The Gray Escape with Natalie Gray right here on this site, and it is also available on iTunes and Android.

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Thanks for reading and enjoy the show!

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