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Is there an Afterlife? It’s mischief and mediums as Paul Davids talks about what he believes to be evidence of life after death. Paul shares information that he feels proves that he was contacted from beyond the grave by his mentor and friend Forry Ackerman, a lifelong atheist. Paul’s brand new book, An Atheist in Heaven, has hefty scientific support, including co-author Dr. Gary E. Schwartz, a Ph.D. from Harvard who was a tenured Professor at Yale.

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Below, links to both Paul’s book, An Atheist in Heaven, and also his documentary, The Life After Death Project.

An Atheist in Heaven Book on Afterlife by Paul Davids     The Life After Death Project Afterlife

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The 514-page hardback book, supported both by an affidavit of truth from co-author Paul Davids and a trove of scientific findings, is a decisive monument to afterlife evidence that is sure to challenge skeptics, followers of afterlife research, and scientists who are experts in many fields, from psychology to chemistry.

What happens when a steadfast atheist dies and discovers he was wrong about life after death?
Although he was a world famous futurist and a pioneering promoter of science fiction books and films, Forrest J. Ackerman never believed in an afterlife of the soul, the spirit or the mind; nonetheless, he promised a few respected colleagues that if it were to turn out that he was mistaken (which he sincerely doubted), then if it were possible he would try to send messages from the beyond.

In An Atheist in Heaven, Paul Davids and Gary E. Schwartz, Ph.D., describe in hair-raising detail more than 100 incidents of Ackerman’s unusual and uncanny messages and phenomena. Readers will find impressive scientific support from contributing writers and investigators, and a unique human story of a 45 year friendship that did not end with death.

Afterlife author Paul Davids with Natalie Gray

Paul Davids, author of An Atheist in Heaven which supports evidence of the Afterlife, with Natalie Gray


Evidence of the Afterlife?

Is this evidence of the Afterlife? The holes have been created by experiments done on the ink obliteration to determine its origin.


Afterlife evidence serial number

Evidence of the afterlife? Serial number on cane Paul talks about in the interview.


mask that proves there is an afterlife?

The mask that flew off the wall in Paul’s account.


Forry Ackerman may have tried to prove there was an afterlife

A cover from Forry Ackerman’s magazine, Famous Monsters


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