Ep 18 – It’s a Kinda Magic | Dana Daniels

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Brilliant magician and comedian Dana Daniels gives us the inside scoop on a career in magic! From The Magic Castle in Hollywood to stages around the world, we look inside the top hat and learn about everything magical including the man who broke the magician’s code, working with birds, and of course the rockstar of magic, David Copperfield, as well as comedy tales involving Gary Shandling, Alex Trebec, Madonna and more. Open Sesame!

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Magician Dana Daniels and Natalie Gray on The Gray Escape with Natalie Gray

Dana and Natalie’s selfie!

Natalie Gray interviews Magician Dana Daniels at his home

Natalie and Dana in the Ruby’s Diner inspired kitchen

Magician Wally Boag and Steve Martin at Main Street Disneyland

Wally Boag and Steve Martin at Main Street Disneyland

Magician David Copperfield

David Copperfield

Above, a clip of Dana and Luigi, the Psychic Parrot

Below, a clip from The Golden Horseshoe Revue starring Wally Boag

Wally Boag Traveling Salesman

More about Dana courtesy of DanaDaniels.com

Dana Daniels, teamed with his Psychic Parrot Luigi ( yes, a Psychic Parrot ), have been motivating and entertaining at Corporate events around the country for companies such as McDonald’s, Lincoln Financial and Frito-Lay. With Dana as the comedian, and Luigi as the straight bird, the duo never fail to fracture an audience with laughter. Dana sets out to prove his little green friend is truly clairvoyant by performing incredible magic blended with rapid-fire clean comedy and audience participation.

Below, images from Dana’s home, inspired by Main Street, Disneyland.
Texaco Gas Pump at the home of magician Dana DanielsRuby's Diner inspired kitchen at the home of magician Dana DanielsVintage Decor at the home of magician Dana DanielsAntique decor at the home of magician Dana DanielsAntiquities at the home of magician Dana Daniels

The Gray Escape
Natalie Gray is an artist and comedienne who had an extraordinary experience in 2012 that inspired her to research alternative topics and theories, including sound healing, quantum physics, and the idea that we are living in a Holographic Universe. For Natalie's art and comedy please visit http://nataliegray.com

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