Ep 20 – Ayahuasca 101 | Mark Flaherty

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It’s a break from Hollywood as Natalie is joined by author and Ayahuasca expert Mark Flaherty who takes us through his life-changing experience in the Peruvian Amazon with Blue Morpho, the company that works with the shamanic brew. Mark recounts his own healing journey, as well as Ayahuasca’s impact on everything from depression to cancer. The episode also further explores Natalie’s 2012 experience in which she received the profound message, Everything is an Illusion, a concept spoken of by others including authors Eckhart Tolle and David Icke.

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Mark Flaherty and Natalie discuss ayahuasca on The Gray Escape with Natalie Gray

Mark Flaherty and Natalie

Blue Morpho Ayahuasca Retreat on The Gray Escape with Natalie Gray

Blue Morpho Ayahuasca Retreat

Visit Blue Morpho Tours, buy Mark’s book Shedding the Layers on Amazon, and get in touch with him via his personal site.

Read Kira Salak’s now infamous article for National Geographic on how Ayahuasca cured her depression.

The Gray Escape
Natalie Gray is an artist and comedienne who had an extraordinary experience in 2012 that inspired her to research alternative topics and theories, including sound healing, quantum physics, and the idea that we are living in a Holographic Universe. For Natalie's art and comedy please visit http://nataliegray.com

5 Responses to “Ep 20 – Ayahuasca 101 | Mark Flaherty

  • Seachel
    7 years ago

    Great interview! I had the privilege of attending a Blue Morpho retreat and meeting Mark in April 2015. It was one of the most profound healing experiences I have ever had. I went there to address anxiety, which had progressively been getting worse. My life has taken on a whole new perspective for the better!

    • Thank you so much for posting this comment. So thrilled about your positive experience :)

    • Hi Mark,Thank you so much for sharing your beafituul experiences through this book. I have no idea how I came across it But am so grateful that I did. I am going to Peru in 9 days for the first time, to drink ayahuasca with Alberto Torres, and your story is confirmation that I am in good hands. Thank you for sharing your deepest and most intimate experiences, thoughts, fears, and new awarenesses. They mirror my own and give me faith and trust in a divine unfolding taking place. With love and gratitude,Meghan

  • Carolyn Carson
    6 years ago

    Hi Natalie. In reference to what you heard in your experience, I was reminded of a quote I just read from a book I would recommend:
    Dr. John White and Dr. Stanley Krippner list many properties of the Universal Energy Field: the UEF permeates all space, animate and inanimate objects, and connects all objects to another; and its density varies inversely with the distance from its source. It also follows the laws of harmonic inductance and sympathetic resonance — the phenomenon that occurs when you strike a tuning fork and one near it begins to vibrate at the same frequency, giving off the same sound.
    HANDS OF LIGHT By Barbara Ann Brennan
    I would say from the teaching of the Buddha that separation from anything is the illusion and that beyond our perception of separateness, all is one and all is Love. Probably all spiritual traditions share this truth. For me, the gentlest path to these understandings come through contemplation, meditation and the practice of Reiki. It is a journey and a practice we walk, moment to moment. There are many paths, but they will all lead to the same understanding. A more pleasurable path is one where the vibration is often higher. Hence choose carefully what resonance you wish to vibrate at. We do that by aligning our thoughts and emotions with loving kindness and compassion. I too have had a profound spiritual experience that has set me on a path to connecting with others and greater communion with others. Blessings,

    • Thank you so much for this in-depth reply Carolyn. I will look into the references you suggest.
      Lots of warm wishes,

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