Ep 23 – The Ultimate Hardcore Writer’s Episode, Part I | Andrew Ellard

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Does the thought of writing for Red Dwarf and The IT Crowd make your heart skip a beat? If so, join Natalie and British writer Andrew Ellard as he breaks down his job helping iconic talents like Graham Linehan, Doug Naylor and Miranda Hart stretch their genius that little bit further. He dissects TV writing in the UK versus the US, airs his beefs with religion, and reveals how his horror screenplay Afterdeath came to be produced.

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British writer and script editor Andrew Ellard

British writer and script editor Andrew Ellard

Andrew’s movie AFTERDEATH is now streaming online! Check it out here.

The IT Crowd, script edited by writer Andrew Ellard on The Gray Escape with Natalie Gray

Cast of The IT Crowd

Description courtesy of Wikipedia

The IT Crowd is a British sitcom by Channel 4, written by Graham Linehan, produced by Ash Atalla and starring Chris O’Dowd, Richard Ayoade, Katherine Parkinson, Noel Fielding and Matt Berry. The “IT” in the show’s title can be pronounced as the letters IT /ˌaɪˈtiː/, as in the abbreviation for information technology, or as the word “it”.

Set in the London offices of the fictional Reynholm Industries, the show revolves around the three staff members of its IT department: a geeky genius named Maurice Moss (Ayoade), the work-shy Roy Trenneman (O’Dowd), and Jen Barber (Parkinson), the department head/relationship manager, who knows nothing about IT. The show also focuses on the bosses of Reynholm Industries: Denholm Reynholm (Chris Morris) and later, his son Douglas (Matt Berry).
The comedy premiered on Channel 4 on 3 February 2006, and ran for four series of six episodes each. Although a fifth series was commissioned, it was never produced. The programme was concluded with a special, one-off episode, aired on 27 September 2013.

Andrew Ellard’s website.

He works in every genre and medium. Film, TV, stage or comics; comedy, drama, sci-fi or musical.

Andrew is repped by:

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The Gray Escape
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