Ep 58 – Pump Up The Volume… and live longer | John Stuart Reid

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What kind of music helps you live a longer, healthier and happier life? Gotta be classical, right? Wrong! Find out the answer as sound scientist and acoustic pioneer John Stuart Reid returns to spill the beans on how to heal yourself, defeat stress, crush fear and reprogram your DNA!

Natalie and John also discuss whether the prophetic words of her 2012 NDE are actually scientifically valid. Here’s a clue – yes. This is a juicy one. Sit back and enjoy!

For the Sound Healing summit featuring John and other consciousness visionaries such as Gregg Braden and John Beaulieu, happening Aug 3-7 2020, click here.

For the official website of John Stuart Reid and his incredible Cymascope, click here.

And to hear John’s first appearance on The Gray Escape… The Startling Secrets of Sound, click here :)

The Gray Escape
Natalie Gray is an artist and comedienne who had an extraordinary experience in 2012 that inspired her to research alternative topics and theories, including sound healing, quantum physics, and the idea that we are living in a Holographic Universe. For Natalie's art and comedy please visit http://nataliegray.com

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