Ep 2 – Depression, Health and Sexy Accents | Chris James and Jason Canning

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Do funny people suffer from depression? We need only recall news headlines of talents like Robin Williams and Richard Jeni to understand that comedians, despite their line of work, are frequently suffering from deep depression. In this episode Natalie dives into a fun and deep conversation with fellow Brit comedians Chris James and Jason Canning and the friends trade war stories on their own experiences with loneliness and depression. Shenanigans include Star Wars impressions and a sound-effects-off, and discussions range from alternative health therapies and juicing to the true size of Africa and the most profound question of all: can British accents sound sexy?

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Below, Natalie, Jason and Chris at an outdoor comedy show in 2011, Natalie on Mulholland Drive, and a map depicting what is apparently the real size of Africa.

Natalie, Jason and Chris at an open mic in 2011. They talk about depression in this episode of The Gray Escape with Natalie Gray.Natalie on Mulholland Drive. This episode includes a discussion on depression. The real size of Africa. This episode also includes a discussion on depression. Mulholland Drive. This episode includes a discussion on depression.

Click here to check out what is apparently the correct size of Africa
and to read a great article on the effects of apricot kernels on cancer, click here.

Courtesy of Jason’s site:

Comedian and Voiceover Artist Jason Canning chats with Natalie about depression.

Based between Pinewood Studios UK & Los Angeles, award winning voice actor Jason Canning has been heard around the world in animated series, TV promos, commercials, video games, trailers and even theme park rides.

Courtesy of Chris’ site:

Comedian Chris James talks with Natalie about depression on The Gray Escape.

British comedian Chris James started his career in New York after he landed a modeling contract with the top talent agency, Wilhelmina. Living in NY, he performed improvisation and one-man shows at sold out theaters including the famous New York Comedy Club. Soon thereafter, the comedy bug led him to perform internationally thus shifting to LA after getting signed for comedy management. Chris performed at all the major clubs in California including the world famous Comedy Store on Sunset Strip and The Laugh Factory. In addition to standup, he is known for his ability to portray a diverse range of characters with ease and confidence alongside his witty style of story telling. More recently, he played a guest starring role on VH1 Single Ladies as well as performing clean yet hilarious comedy at many college/corporate shows.



The Gray Escape
Natalie Gray is an artist and comedienne who had an extraordinary experience in 2012 that inspired her to research alternative topics and theories, including sound healing, quantum physics, and the idea that we are living in a Holographic Universe. For Natalie's art and comedy please visit http://nataliegray.com

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