Ep 30 – The Holographic Episode Part II | Anthony Peake

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Secure your mind, it’s gonna be a wild ride in Part II of The Holographic Episode, the mind-blowing interview with Anthony Peake, expert on Near Death Experiences and researcher into the fringe areas of consciousness! We delve deeper into the Matrix to explore other dimensions, DMT and the pineal gland. Learn how to tell if you’re Lucid Dreaming, whether or not there are trillions of you, and whether we could be living in a computer simulation! Anthony and Natalie discuss the whether her own experience in 2012 supports the theory that the Universe is Holographic.

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Anthony Peake selfie

The Anthony Peake Selfie!

Just a few of Anthony’s incredible books!


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An upcoming workshop with Anthony and Graham Nichols on Out of Body Experiences

Anthony’s bio, courtesy of AnthonyPeake.com
Anthony Peake is a writer who deals with borderline areas of human consciousness.  His first book, Is There Life After Death? was published in 2006 and since then he has gone on to develop his own ideas together with exploring the latest areas of research in his field.

His fourth book, Making Sense of Near-Death Experiences, is a collaborative effort with some of the world’s leading authorities on the near death phenomenon. He was very honoured to be asked to be one of the editors as well as contributing a chapter.

His seventh book, A Life of Philip K Dick The Man Who Remembered the Future, is a departure from his previous works in that it is a mixture of biography, literary criticism and psychological/neurological analysis.

His eighth book, The Immortal Mind: Science and the Continuity of Consciousness Beyond the Brain, is a joint project with Professor Ervin Laszlo. This was published in Autumn 2014.  Click the relevant button for a summary of each of Anthony’s books.

For details of interviews and events that Anthony will be participating in please see the Forthcoming Events page.

Links to historic interviews and to Anthony’s Facebook pages together with press releases and contact information can be found on the News page.

The Gray Escape
Natalie Gray is an artist and comedienne who had an extraordinary experience in 2012 that inspired her to research alternative topics and theories, including sound healing, quantum physics, and the idea that we are living in a Holographic Universe. For Natalie's art and comedy please visit http://nataliegray.com

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