Alice Lee


© 2012 Alice Lee

Between cockroaches and the occasional gunshot sound there was little room for art in the Chinatown projects that Alice would call home. However, she credits its rich culture of murals, festivals, and graffiti, with her ability to see layers and textures as components to build visual interest

Alice studied design and holds degrees in Graphic Design, Interior Design, and also teaches art, but her transition into wearing the real badge of ‘artist’ is a recent one

“Due to a divorce, the past year and a half and have been the most trying and challenging, yet I have grown and learned exponentially because of it. This work reflects my anger, epiphanies, sorrow, liberation, and the ridiculous- ness of everything.”

It is this word ‘ridiculous’ that best captures the brilliance of Alice’s joyful and bizarre works, as oddly charming char- acters journey through abstract lands on canvases strangely adorned with tiny bottles (part of a batch of 5,000 recycled insulin bottles Alice felt inclined to buy!) No surprisingly, she is inspired by South African artist William Kentridge, and his quote, ‘I am an artist. My job is to make art, not sense.’

© 2012 Alice Lee