Chris O’Rourke


Originally from California, and now based in Las Vegas, Chris at one point lived in Tombstone, Arizona, where he learned how to build custom motorcycles from The Godfa- ther of Choppers himself, Pat Kennedy

“Pat is a master of metal fabrication and these motorcycles were my first sculptures.

“Eventually I began taking bits and pieces left over from projects and making whatever I could dream up, whilst staying true to the quality that the custom motorcycle industry demanded. I found other metal sculptors shying away from stainless steel due to the difficulties in its work- ability. This drew me to it like a moth to light!”

The origins of Chris’ kinship to metal sculpting is clear

”At a young age my mother passed and her parents, one artistic and one mechanical, had a great influence on me.”

Chris is now making a name for himself thanks to his stunning concepts that are both creatively powerful and flawlessly executed. His collectors include international singing icon, Celine Dion.

© 2012 Chris O’Rourke

© 2012 Chris O’Rourke