Drew Wootten


© 2012 Drew Wootten

Almost born in an automobile in Fontana, California, en route to the hospital, Drew suspects that his parents may have driven by a museum or an art store on the way as painting has been a lifelong passion!

“In addition to painting, I also have a love for working with wood which I believe stems from my childhood memories spent in the garage with my Grandfather while he was working on a project making a birdhouse or a table that I would later use to draw on.

“I also cite my Grandmother as being an influence as she was always painting and making crafts. Then, at the end of the week, we’d go down to the park in the hopes of selling all the things we’d made.”

In his late teens, Drew discovered graffiti art and, more recently, was privileged to be a part of the widely popular benefit art auction, Sea No Evil, featuring many talented artists including legendary street artist, Shepard Fairey

Drew currently lives and works in Downtown L.A.'s thriving Arts District.

© 2012 Drew Wootten