Gus Harper


© 2012 Gus Harper

Son of artist Fielden Harper, Gus was born and raised in Santa Monica and sold his first painting at age 17. He has been a full time artist for the last 12 years

“When I was a kid my Mom went to art school so I was exposed to a lot of art. I remember that I loved the vitality and boldness of modern art and those aspects have influenced my own work to this day.”

Gus began his series, Signs of A Benevolent Universe, several years ago

“I use natural objects such as citrus as an excuse to bombard the canvas with color and energy.”

Like a thunderbolt of rhythmic energy, Gus’ subject matter morphs into surreal or abstract forms that zap the viewer with a refreshing dose of originality!

Gus‘ work has been shown across the country and also featured in film and television shows including Modern Family, The New Girl, and Up All NIght. Next Fall, two major works will appear in the remake of the 80’s classic TV series, Dallas.

© 2012 Gus Harper