Lance Anderson


© 2012 Lance Anderson

Born in Spokane, Washington, but growing up in Venice, California, Lance’s artistic career had to wait its turn while he served in Naval Air. However, designing a mascot for the Naval Air Squadron might have given him a head start!

“I painted cartoon alligators on all the ear protectors we wore to block the jet noise.”

Following his tour of duty, Lance became an electrician for many years. Feeling the urge for change, he enrolled in make up school which led to work in films doing make up effects. Eventually his son David joined him and David went on to earn two Oscars. For their work on Cinderella Man, David and Lance were the second father/son team ever to be nominated for an Academy Award!

“I’ve always loved the colors, contrasts and drama of the pulp art magazine covers of the past and decided to create a series of pulp style paintings myself, as an homage to these great artists.”

Notable folks who’ve collected Lance’s work include actor Russel Crowe, and Oscar winner Stan Winston (famous effects master for Terminator, Jurassic Park and Aliens).

© 2012 Lance Anderson