Maureen J Haldeman


© 2011 MaureenJ Haldeman

What do the Verizon Droid and the work of

Maureen J Haldeman have in common?

They both have a fine art exhibit at The Happening Gallery!

“Veteran photographer meets unlimited data plan.

Wears shirt that reads, “No, it’s not an iPhone.’ ”

Of course we jest, but the truth is that Maureen’s

Warhol-esque palm trees, and mesmerizing beachscapes

make a cheeky point to the world of fine art. It doesn’t

have to come from a ten thousand dollar lens to be good

Coming from a background of traditional photography,

and teaching at Santa Monica College, Maureen felt herself

becoming jaded to the relentless shifts in technology and

how they were diluting the simple act of just taking an

honest to good photograph. Although many of her images

use the solarize setting of the droid, her images are made

at the source. No retouching. No Photoshop.

Maureen’s work is held in many private collections and has

earned her a prize in the Malibu Arts Festival proving that

sometimes talent simply holds its own...

even if it’s not AT&T.

© 2011 MaureenJ Haldeman