Micah Linton


Influenced by the field sketches of Charles Darwin, Micah’s creatures form an exciting contrast with their actual presentation... like antique findings from a curiosity shop which strangely feature fantastical creatures from the future... Charles Dickens meets Ridley Scott!

Micah originally moved to L.A. to work as an artist for Dreamworks SKG, and then branched out, writing and illustrating his own series of children's books known as The Weebeasts

His extraordinary imagination is fueled by the curiosities in his studio which sit juxtaposed against today's technology. Micah pondered, ‘What might we find in a museum... a thousand years from now!’

“As species adapt to new environments subtle genetic changes occur. During the industrial revolution, by darkening the pigment of its wings, the common moth ensured it's survival. Now, in a time when advances in technology outpace the rate in which their ramifications can be understood, we have to ask, “What genetic changes to our world's inhabitants are already underway?”

© 2012 Micah Linton

© 2012 Micah Linton