Stephanie Han


© 2012 Stephanie Han

“I was born in Seoul, S. Korea, and didn't decide to go to art school until my senior year of high school as my parents always felt it to be an impractical profession.”

Stephanie’s first real training stemmed from her attempts to copy the characters out of popular Korean comic books

“Asian comic books are always black-and-white, with the line work doing the heavy lifting of describing volume and dimension. My Graphic Flora series is heavily influenced by this graphic approach.”

Most of Stephanie’s early work had been very small and tightly rendered, a product of her natural sensibilities as well as the physical limitations of her workspace. Access to a larger studio in the year 2000 finally presented her with the opportunity to try her hand at something larger

Her floral shapes and outlines perfectly complement the large squared-off areas of the canvas... free-flowing calli- graphic lines juxtapose beautifully against hard-eged backgrounds to create vibrant contrasts and wonderfully stimulating energy.