Viktor  Friedl-Kiss


Viktor is a Hungarian born artist who, prior to becoming a fine artist, enjoyed success as an 'alpinist painter', hanging off the sides of large ships and buildings and painting commercial assignments for companies such as Coca-Cola, Tic-Tac, and Bacardi. It was this vocation that allowed him to support himself throughout his studies at the University of West Hungary Institute of Applied Arts. During his last year, Viktor opened his first gallery and developed his own unique and memorable style with his ‘World of Hats’

“I'm inspired not only by artists, but by everyone who stands by their dreams and makes them happen!

”These images are founded on a set of traditional values and a respect and appreciation for the past.”

With its distinct and inviting rhythm, Viktor’s work draws us in so that we can feel the hurried energy of the smartly clothed gentlemen and their Wall Streets of yesteryear

Viktor resides in the historic city of Budapest where he has his own fine art gallery which serves an international and local clientele.