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Stressed about tax time? If you guys need any help with taxes, The Gray Escape is proud to be sponsored by not one, but two companies who both make it super easy with simple to use accounting software. One of them even has a plan that’s FREE! First of all an important pointer – if you are not in the U.S., skip down to FreshBooks who service over 200 countries, including Canada and the UK!!

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Okay, back to business – here’s the lowdown, starting with TaxAct!

Tax Accounting Software Free Trial
TaxAct has a free service if you only need the basics! With step-by-step guidance, you answer simple questions and TaxAct does the rest. Your return is guaranteed 100% accurate, and you’ll get your maximum refund the fastest way possible with free IRS e-file. There’s also free email help when you need it.

NOTE: I do feel that an advantage of FreshBooks over TaxAct is that FreshBooks has a live person for help as opposed to just an email. Just sayin’.

But back to TaxAct! Search for the fastest answers in the Answer Center, or email them for free tax & technical support.

Anyway, aside from the free plan, TaxAct offers a Plus account which can apparently maximize tax credits and deductions for best tax outcome. Extras like:

  • Access more than 300 tax deductions and credits.
  • Track donations to maximize your tax deduction with Donation Assistant® that tracks charitable donations and gets audit backed values for over 1,300 items.
  • Easily report on investments and rental income to get the biggest tax breaks from your mortgage interest, investments and charitable donations.

Feel like you need more? Or maybe you’re not in the US! If so, check out FreshBooks who service (as mentioned) over 200 countries including UK, US and Canada!! Very handy indeed! Basically it’s business accounting software for the non-accountant. Do you class yourself as a creative & marketer, consultant or lawyer, IT professional, trade & home services? FreshBooks covers pretty much all the bases no matter what your line of work!

Tax Accounting Software Free Trial

  • It’s easy to use! FreshBooks is simple and intuitive, so accounting isn’t intimidating!
  • You can talk to a real, live person anytime, 8am – 8pm EST, Monday to Friday. That’s AWESOME and frankly a huge advantage in my books.
  • Start sending invoices, tracking time and capturing expenses in minutes by joining thousands of creatives and marketing professionals who use FreshBooks every day.
  • FreshBooks gets you organized! It’s built for small business owners to get organized and get paid. You’ll be tracking time, logging expenses and invoicing your clients in no time.
  • It saves time invoicing! FreshBooks customers spend less time on paperwork. They say their customers free up 2 days per month to focus on the work they love. That would be nice.
  • You can work anywhere! Log hours and bill clients while waiting for the elevator. Track time from the coffee shop, or wherever your office is.
  • Word or Excel not handy? With FreshBooks, your business is accessible from any device (desktop, iPhone, iPad and Android). Your data is safe, secure and always backed up.
  • Look Professional! Send spiffy looking invoices, complete with your own logo. Clients can benefit from the convenience of paying online and seeing past invoices and payments at a glance.

Tax Accounting Software Free Trial
FreshBooks claims to be the only accounting software designed exclusively for service-based small businesses and they offer a 30 day free trial. Here’s what some customers have to say about FreshBooks!

“FreshBooks not only makes me look professional, it saves me a huge amount of time.”
– Tina Roth-EisenbergDesigner/Founder of CreativeMornings,

“I get paid three times faster using FreshBooks, and would recommend it to any small business owner.”
– Kyle SextonMarketing Consultant,

“FreshBooks is incredibly intuitive to use, and saves me five to ten hours every week.”
– Justin SundlingGeneral ContractorSundling and Associates, LLC

Tax Accounting Software Free Trial

“FreshBooks is the best”  PC World  “Incredibly user friendly” Forbes  “Refreshingly straightforward” CNET

But wait – how does pricing compare for TaxAct vs FreshBooks?

Good question. Here’s the current pricing (as of Feb 2016) for TaxAct. This sounds silly but I actually cannot tell if it is per month or per tax filing (?) They do not make this clear.

Tax Act accounting software


And here’s the current pricing (as of Feb 2016) for FreshBooks. This is definitely per month as is clearly marked.

FreshBooks Accounting Software

Clearly great options to match anyone’s budget or goals. What I especially like is the room for growth. Even if you’re starting out small, both companies offer plans that can grow with your business. Simple, professional, and free for you to try! Remember, BOTH companies offer a FREE TRIAL!

Final word. I am nervous when I cannot immediately access customer support. The fact that I had to dig around on TaxAct made me feel that FreshBooks and their real live human had a huge advantage. But TaxAct also offers a free account so there’s that. Only you know what you prefer, what you are comfortable with, and ultimately what works for you. Good luck with your endeavors and may you have much success and good fortune with your business! :)

Tax Accounting Software Free Trial              Tax Accounting Software Free Trial