Bruce Taylor


© 2012 Bruce Taylor

One need only glance at the majestic, awe inspiring works of California native, Bruce Taylor, to understand his deep respect and admiration for the ocean

A successful art director, Bruce’s natural eye towards a strong graphic composition fits beautifully with his mastery over the canvas

Bruce’s series, Night Wave, displays stark waves set dramatically against a pure black sky, forcing focus upon the break of the wave which he captures brilliantly

One of these Night Wave paintings was recently sold at auction at the Ritz-Carlton in Marina del Rey in an effort to promote research and cures for spinal cord injuries

For Bruce, a longtime surfer, his Lifeguard series pays tribute to the Lifeguard, sitting alone on the empty beach. The feeling of safety brought about by the mere presence of the Lifeguard stand would reassure him, allowing Bruce to find his bliss in the waves knowing that he was under the watchful eye of the dedicated guardian of the surf.

© 2012 Bruce Taylor

© 2012 Bruce Taylor