Jill Knox


© 2012 Jill Knox

“It became clear that my path was art when I decided to paint my toilet seat leopard print to match my towels.”

Branching out from porcelain, Jill studied sociology & theater history at NYU (magna cum laude), and Brown, where she received an MFA in Acting

“When I was in college, if I heard someone say something funny or inspiring, I'd print it out and tape it to the wall. It captured a mood, an experience – sometimes good, some- times bad. All of the art I do starts with an experience, and then a piece of text. I build on that slowly.

“The yarn came from wrapping yarn around the legs of an ugly brass table my parents gave me. I had some left over and it founds its way onto the canvas!”

Amongst Jill’s collectors is 30 Rock actor, Keith Powell, who has been overheard calling himself her ‘biggest fan’.

Jill had the blessing of coming from a family heavily involved in the arts. Her Father was chairman of the Studio Museum in Harlem and her Mother sits on the board of MoCA San Diego.

© 2012 Jill Knox